How can the NBA Champs be fat?

Just another example of how the use of BMI isn’t universal. Below you can see each player’s BMI followed by where they fall in the range.

Steph Curry 23.7 (Normal)
Klay Thompson 24.2 (Normal)
Kevin Durant 25.2 (Overweight)
Draymond Green 25.9 (Overweight)
Zaza Pachulia 27.6 (Overweight)

If Kevin Durant is overweight, I’m a professional bodybuilder. For KD’s BMI, I used his stated weight (a lot of times, that is all we have to go by). Using his true height of 6’10.75″, he falls within the normal range at 24.1. A quick Google search shows that he likes to be called a 6’9″ small forward, but a 7-footer around the ladies.

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